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Agile Development & DevOps

Arrikai believes Agile is a mindset that embraces change, regular feedback, value-driven development, full-team collaboration, learning through discovery, and continuous improvement. We have experience in the application of SCRUM, Lean Development, SCRUMBAN, Test Driven Development (TDD), Automated Testing, CI/CD, Kanban and DevOps. Tools: GIT Hub, JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Eclipse, Bit Bucket.


  • User Stories Elaboration
  • Software Development & Integration
  • Software Testing & Evaluation
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Automated Testing (TDD, BDD)
  • 508 Compliance Testing

Technology Strategy & Design

We provide insight and advice to clients regarding trade-offs and opportunities for making prudent investments in technology. We help clients maximize the value of their technology investments through the design, development, and deployment of flexible, agile, and adaptable architectural blueprints and transitional roadmaps.


  • IT Demand & Portfolio Management
  • Cloud Computing Strategy
  • IT Governance & Compliance
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • IT Project & Performance Management
  • Information Assurance Strategy

Personal Client Experience

Large Integrated Telecommunications Provider

Application Development and O&M Support

Role: Sub Contractor
PoP: 04/17 – 12/18
Situation Background
Client required:
  • Integration of core financial systems for improved data sharing, and the expansion of the existing systems to support several feeder systems to the core financial management system.
  • Systems enhancements including requirements analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment of changes to existing systems to engender new or modified functionality. 
  • IT System Steady-State Corrective Maintenance services, including application bug fixes, fixes to reports that are inaccurate, correcting business rules that contain bad logic, and/or assistance in completion of software upgrades.
Key Accomplishments
  • Working with the Product Owner, developed User Stories of features or capabilities that molded the product’s functionality.
  • Developed and prioritized a product backlog representing the complete inventory of User Stories.
  • Developing and testing new functionality using Agile SCRUM-employed test-driven development by creating test scripts based on the acceptance criteria prior to software development and use the automated scripts throughout the sprint cycle.
  • Performing application operations and maintenance activities by leveraging Agile Kanban, to track and fix defects in new or existing applications.
Large Integrated Telecommunications Provider

CIO Advisory Services

Role: Sub Contractor
PoP: 01/18 – 12/18
Situation Background
Client sought to:
  • Developing an integrated IT Strategic Plan that will set the direction and priorities for all key elements of the client’s IT group’s areas (applications, infrastructure, workstations, key technologies, etc.). This includes Information Management/Information Technology support.
  • Reengineering critical processes that have the highest potential to realize the IT strategy including Release Management, Incident and Problem Management, and Service Level Management.
  • Developing Program Portfolio Management processes to manage their portfolio of IT projects to include capital planning and investment control.
Key Accomplishments
  • Developed a technology vision that translates prioritized business requirements into operations and technology projects/plans.
  • Developed an architectural framework that defines the backbone on which the business needs can be built – refined a set of principles that identified and provided guidelines as to what requirements fit the strategic plan, and how to design them in the environment.
  • Established an integrated IT strategy that aligned IT to business priorities and aligned data, information, and infrastructure to organizational processes.
  • Establishing a governance structure and management plan to enhance the client’s IM/IT portfolio, further aligning its investments with the overall mission.
  • Developing an Enterprise Architecture document and Project Portfolio Management Framework.
US Federal Government Contractor

Corporate Web Development

Role: Prime
PoP: 02/18 – 03/18
Situation Background
Client sought to further develop and enhance their corporate web pages that:
  • better integrate layout, logos, and custom graphics seamlessly into a single digital platform
  • Add content to reflect the company’s focus on information security
  • exhibits excellent look and feel, functionality and ease of navigation through all media whether visitors view it on a computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • is easy to customize and maintain without sacrificing quality
Key Accomplishments
  • Finalized vision of site’s functionality, look and feel and agree on the best way to achieve that vision in a clean, professional way. 
  • Developed each page according to mockups and wireframes. 
  • Rolled out prototype versions of the updated and redesign website.
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing 
  • Delivered and launched final product that:
    1. loads and presents on computers, tablets, and mobile devices 
    2. consists of  custom logos and graphics reflecting the brand, images and culture of the company
    3. reflects the company’s focus on information assurance
    4. allows for ease of maintenance and customization to meet the growing needs of the company
Department of Health and Human Services-Head Start Program

Web Development- Office of Head Start

Role: Sub Contractor
PoP: 10/18 – 09/19
Situation Background
The Office of Head Start (OHS) helps young children from low-income families prepare to succeed in school through local programs. The office is seeking to improve its various websites for improved user access and experience. The office is also seeking better integration with the various back end data sources to provide access to consistent information across the various regions and verticals (Education & Child Development, Family and Community, Health).
Key Accomplishments
  • Designing and developing website for citizens’ interactions leveraging rich UI/UX expertise in an agile environment
  • Designing and improving information architecture, usability, and accessibility using responsive and design best practices for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Applying strong Front-end development skills (CSS, JS, POSTCSS / SCSS, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, React, Express, Node and JS frameworks) with design and development of webpage layouts to maximize usability.
  • 508 compliant web design and development across multiple platforms–mobile web apps, cross-browser compatibility and Restful APIs.
  • Test driven development: Unit, performance, functional, integration, white/black box testing.
  • Tools/methodologies: Git, bitbucket, Atlassian Tool Suite, Agile, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, Adobe Acrobat, MS Office and other appropriate mediums to produce creative and innovative graphic designs, other continuous integration methodologies.